Dental Implant

Dental Implant

In our opinion, the best way to explain a dental implant is the use of analogy of natural tooth.

A natural tooth has 2 parts:

  1. The crown which is available above gum line
  2. The root which anchors the tooth through the gums

When one loses tooth, they lose these  two elements

Dental Implants are enable to replace tooth root & crown

The root usually made of titanium, is       into the jaw bone

And after that crown will be placed it on final phase

There are three types of procedure (Missing) available for replacement of teeth

1 Removable Denture

2 Crown & Bridges

3 Dental Implants

 Out of which, usually Dental Implants are advised because of their added advantages which includes

1 you don’t need to change your dental care routine as implants behaves exactly like normal tooth

2  Implants will often last a lifetime which is not always bridges or partial dentures

Function of Dental Implant

  • They are useful for speech
  • Helps with mastication of food
  • It gives you highly Aesthetic appearance

As per book success rate is 95% but, implant in our clinic holds highest success rate of 98.7%. It is a procedure of about 30 minutes under local Anaesthetic ( Single Injection).

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