With the passion of dentistry, Dr. Nilesh Bhimani (University Topper during 1998-2000) started Bhimani Dental Care Clinic in 2002 with modern technology and equipments associated with highly skilled dental surgeons team. Focused on his vision of getting Dental Excellency in the city of silk and diamond of South Gujarat he choose Surat as a base journey. In 2002 Dentistry in surat city was not that advanced and till date still newer technologies and equipments. Today in 2023 Bhimani Dental Care Clinic is one of the most advance and highly facilitated Dental Clinic amongst top in Gujarat State of India with a team of highly skilled and experienced 4 Dental Surgeons and more than 12 Consultants, a bunch of highly experienced dental staff and paramedical specialist together making the centre as one of the most preferable centre for dental treatments in south Gujarat.

Bhimani Dental Care Clinic has outgrown many times over the last eighteen years with a highly committed team of experts serving more than 50,000 patients till date. We have assembled the finest team of dentists, specialists and supporting staff representing General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Implantology, Prosthodontics, Periodontics and almost all kind of dental treatments under one roof.


  • To provide a positive experience to our patients because fear of dentistry is always a reason not to visit and by our experience we want every patient to visit dentist even for routine checkups.
  • To deliver multi-specialty and multiple solutions combined with professional care to resolve dental problems.
  • To provide Long term Positive outcome of their treatments after giving necessary treatments with the help of established team of Bhimani Dental Care Clinic.


  • To create a long term positive relationship with the patients by providing them all necessary information about their oral hygiene and preventive care.
  • To create a long term bonding with ethical care, honesty and  transparency in treatment explanation and execution.
  • To fulfill our dream of smile on every face we see by giving them promise of “ We design your smile to make you beautiful .”


  • Completed BDS from Government Dental College and Hospital Jamnagar with University Topper throughout.
  • Completed Implant Workshop from one of the most reputed Implantologist of Gujarat Dr. Milan Dalal (MDS) Ahmedabad.
  • Completed Specialized Surgical Laser Training from Indian Academy Of Laser Dentistry (IALD) & Society of Oral Laser Application (SOLA) and specialized Laser Course from Dr.Suchetan Pradhan (MDS) Mumbai.
  • Completed Advance Micro endodontic and Microsurgical Training from Leading Microendodontist of India Dr. Vivek Hegde (MDS) Pune.
  • Attended So many seminars, workshops,conferences and given paper presentation at National and International Dental Conferences.
  • Always keen to upgrade Newer technnologies and equipments to give facilities at global level.
  • Currently working as visiting Implantologist ,Laserodontist & Microendodontist at Surat and Gujarat.
  • Affiliated with most of the reputed National and International Associations of Dentistry and Medical Practitioners Association all over India.
  • He has keen interest in following areas:
    • Dental Implantology for replacement of teeth by placing implants in jaw.
    • Full Mouth Rehabilitation for replacing all lost tooth material with Crowns.
    • Specialization in Laser Dentistry
    • Special Interest for CAD CAM Dentistry which is new in India and most trusted in the world with the help of CAD CAM Scanner which we have since years.
    • Difficult cases diagnosis and proper treatment planning.

Our team

with the team of experienced Dental Surgeons, 12 Specialists MDS Surgeons and Para Dental Specialists to assist entire stomatognathic system we always try hard so that patient can get maximum benefit of skills, technologies and equipment all under one roof.

Dr Vinisha Choksey

If you are looking for someone who can give you million dollar smile, then you need to see Dr Vinisha at our centre. She is specialist in esthetic dentistry

Dr Kajol Gorasiya

A skillful dentist with a passion for precision, specializes in root canal treatment,prosthetics and digital dentistry. Dr kajol is dedicated to creating smiles that not only restore function but also radiate natural beauty.

Smile Designing Team

Bhimani Dental Care Clinic have only the best and most exceptional people in all areas of employment.

These are people who are perfectionist in following areas:

    • Are highly qualified in their respective field by working under mentorship of highly established and knowledgeable team of dental specialist all over the world.
    • Has taken training in institutes, colleges, conferences and presented seminars and presentations amongst the colleagues.
    • Are always keen to work together to achieve our goals by their dedication towards mission and vision;
    • Are result oriented by giving their best in work and thought process;
    • Have high standards of quality, hardworking, dedication and integrity;
    • Are pillars of our empire and strength of our establishment;
    • Possess flexibility and are not resistant to change, growth, or development;
    • Are not bound to work as a salaried person but who sees Bhimani Dental Care Clinic as their own workplace and always dreams higher than what they can deliver.

We have experienced team of Dental Surgeons working with us who had also taken specialized training and attended so many seminars and conferences about latest advances in the field of dentistry all over the world.

They are master in the field of General Dentistry, Oral Surgeries, Pediatric Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Root Canal Treatments, Conservative Dentistry, Preventive Dentistry, Esthetic Dentistry, Smile Makeover and much more.

Consulting Super Specialist Team

We have a team of more than 12 Dental Surgeons who did their Masters in Dental Surgery (MDS) in respective field and who are masters in their own filed , experienced and the most known surgeons in South Gujarat.

We have

Pediatric Dentist (Pedodontist)

  • Especially for kids from 0-12 years who are very comfortable with them and we do dental treatment in conscious sedation and under general anaesthesia in selected cases also.

Orthodontic Treatment (Orthodontist)

  • For correction of proclined and irregular teeth with the help of Braces and also Bracket free newer of clear aligners with CAD CAM Scanning.

Gum Surgeries Specialist (Peridodontist)

  • For chronic bleeding gums problems, Pyorrhoea, Mobility and other gum related problems with the help of Gum Surgeries, Bone Grafting, Surgeries for Black Gums and much more.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeries (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon)

  • For wisdom teeth removal, Jaw Fracture surgeries, Restricred Mouth Opening Surgeries Facial Correction Surgeries and TM Joint related surgeries


  • For complicated Dentures, Facial Recontouring and Complicated Tooth Replacements

Root Canal and Repeat Root Canal Specialist (Endodontist)

  • For Complicated RCT, Repeat RCT and Microsurgery

Oral Cancer Detection Specialist (Oral Pathologist)

  • For early detection of oral cancer, screening, Biopsy and Treatment of Pre Cancerous and Cancer Lesions

Consulting Para Dental Team


  • For Smile Designing cases where skin rejuvenation treatment needed.
  • In Botox and Filler cases as Anti-aging Treatment


  • For Joint and Muscle related disorders and Posture related disorder therapy
  • Low Level Laser Therapy


  • For few procedures related to general anesthesia and conscious sedation.
  • Also for Pediatric Patients

We have designed our centre such that patients from all over the world can take advantage of latest dental treatment using world class technologies, skill and environment in India at more satisfied level than their parent country and we are much sure about it.

We used to treat foreigners and NRI’s since last 18 years and we have long database and their long term positive treatment  reviews about us.


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