Why are crown after RCT is needed?

Why are crown after RCT is needed?

A dental crown after a root canal provides reinforcement to

your teeth and restores the health functionally.

Is a dental crown necessary after Root Canal?

Studies reveal that a dental crown following root canal impoves the chances of teeth survival.

Benefits of crown filler RCT?

-Restore fragile tooth

After a  root canal treatment took becomes more fragile and chances getting tooth

fractured increase so giving a crown over it helps to increase the longevity of tooth.

Retain Natural-looking colour of treated  tooth

Some tooth after a root canal treatment becomes dark greyish in colour or stained dark so the dental crown can offer more natural appearance and whiter shade to mater the remaining teeth.

Prevent infections

The affected tooth surface is at the higher risk of infection and contamination post a root canal treatment. A dental crown seals it off. So that the further dangerous  leakage is prevented and protects the tooth.

 Provides back up security

Tooth after a root canal treatment in certain areas of tooth where pressure of chewing is more can get           off filling usually gets fractured so crown over the tooth protect it.

So, Having a crown following a root canal treatment becomes almost mandatory.

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