Brushing at Night

Brushing at Night

Today Human beings are living in such a complex Environment that after tires on day at work, they generally tend to ignore hygiene practices which will help them to have a healthy and long life.

Specifically, it’s very important to get rid of the bacteria which have been residing in your mouth after serving the on food the whole day

If you don’t brush your teeth at night these bacteria will multiply and cause damage to your teeth and will lead to cavities (Decay)

Brushing teeth at night is one of the most important activities which must be a daily routine for adults and especially children parents must explain the importance of brushing teeth at night to their children to inculcate it as a habit.

Benefits of brushing teeth at night

– No bad Breath

The best benefit of brushing teeth at night is to awake with fresh breath

– No build-up of Plaque

Plaque is the yellow sticky substance that settles on tooth

– Bacteria are culprits

Bacteria are culprits in many diseases as well as in oral hygiene. It is better to get rid of them

Wondering why to brush at night?

Our mouth is a reservoir bacteria naturally and every food consumed, these bacteria feed on food.  They are like parasite

All living organism have a natural process of excretion, these bacteria flush all the waste of themselves.

The Acidity of those excreta is extremely high and causes the enamel to damage and results in Decay.

If you are not brushing at night, and going to bed, the plague starts to coagulate thicken and then it

So, to get rid of that you will have to visit a dentist for cleaning.

So, pick up your brush at night and go for it!

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